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"I tell people that is the place to look when someone asks me if I know a good company to move their car. They are professional and will not waste your time."

Kelly B.
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"I am a dealer who moves a lot of cars each month. I trust Auto Transporters Direct and to find the right transporter for my vehicles."

John C.

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GoTruckGo - Compare and Save on Direct Auto Transport exists to help you find the best auto transport company to ship your vehicle! We call ourselves Auto Transporters Direct because we are a group of auto transporters who have partnered together to provide you with the best direct auto transport service in the industry. We help to connect you directly with the transport company of your choice that meets your specific needs and transports vehicles between the pickup and delivery routes that you need. This saves you both time and money because you are not having to pay anyone in the middle to find a transport company for you. To begin your search for the best auto transport company that fits your needs check out our Auto Transport Directory.

Certified Auto Transport Company

Certified Car Shipping Companies

Automobile Transporters Direct certifies its' companies to help protect the customer from using anyone but the best. By creating an industry standard, we have made it easier and safer then ever to ship your vehicle. This certification is represented by the Certified Banner. To get the right certified auto transport company to service your needs, please fill out the simple quote form at the top of the page.

Auto Transport Quotes

Ethics Don't Show Up in Quotes!

You can search the keyword term "auto transport" and find many websites that will give you an auto transport quote. But you can't be sure of who they are or wether they have good business ethics? You just can't know if they will take care of your car. Our site was built for the soul purpose of raising the standard in the automobile transporting industry. We only allow the best auto transport companies on our site. To be the best you have to have ethics...

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Car Transporter Testimonies

Car Shipping Testimonies

CA TO FL - "Thank you for making my auto transport experience one of the best I have had in a long time. You guys at GoTruckGo helped me to find the right Auto Transport Company without all of the hassle. You were able to connect me with the right company who took care of me and my car. Thank you! -Jackie T.

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First Time Moving

Is This Your First Time Shipping Your Vehicle?

Transporting your car can be very stressful, especially if it is your first time. Please take a moment to look around our site for the most up to date and useful information that will help you to make the right decision before you decide on a transport company.

Choosing the Right Company to Ship Your Vehicle

Choosing the right auto transport company is not that hard once you know the basics. Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with some of the useful information located on our site. Once you feel confident in how things work, please fill out the form at the top of the page or search our certified transporters using our Auto Transport Directory.

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Auto Shippers Checklist

Shipping Checklist

Over the years, we have encountered had many common questions relating to auto transport. When it comes to shipping your vehicle, there are some simple truths that will help you to feel much more confident. The most important step in transporting your vehicle is to have your automobile prepared correctly for transport. This will help to eliminate the amount of time it will take for a vehicle inspection - which will help to save you money!

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Auto Transport Directory

Auto Transport Directory

At Auto Transporters Direct we strive for excellence in everything we do! When we add a car transporter company to our Car Shipping Directory it's because they are the best in the industry at what they do. We are truly raising the standard in the car transporter industry. To use our automobile transporters directory please click the learn more button.

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F.M.C.A. - Auto Shippers

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) maintains several Web sites that provide easy access to valuable safety-related information. Users only need a company's name, USDOT number or motor carrier (MC) number to perform a search. Read the descriptions below to decide what you need. SafeStat Online...

Learn more - F.M.C.A.
Understand More About The Auto Transport Industry

If you are looking to ship your vehicle, we can help!

Over the years, we have built one of the largest networks of auto transport companies to provide you with a diverse range of transport services. We have tried to make finding the right company to transport your vehicle as easy as possible. With our convenient online quoting system, you get instant feedback from our top auto transport companies within minutes of requesting a quote. We also provide you with a directory of our auto transport companies that makes it easy for you to find the company of your choice based on the routes that you need to ship your vehicle. Browse our Auto Transport Directory now and find the right auto transporter that fits your needs today!

We connect you to the right company to move your car(s) with NO middleman (Broker)!

One element that set us apart from the rest of the transporting nation is that we try to connect you DIRECTLY to an auto transport company of your choice without the use of a broker. This will help to save you time and money because you are communicating your specific needs directly to the company that will be shipping your vehicle.

We provide the resources to check a companies' rating.

We have one of the largest networks of auto transport companies which are certified by Auto Transporters Direct. We provide you with the information that you need to check out the history of a company before you book the transport of your vehicle. We also give you the ability and resources to research a company through the FMSCA website and through the SAFER website. Both of these resources will give you the reliability of a company so that you can know that your vehicle will be in good hands. We also take the time to research all of our companies first to make sure you are connected with the best auto transport companies, who truly are the best in the industry. At, we focus on satisfaction! can help you ship your motorcycle.

Extra care and special attention must be taken when shipping a motorcycle. We have one of the nations largest selection of certified motorcycle transport companies. Each of these company’s have years of experience transporting motorcycles so you can have the peace of mind that your motorcycle is in good hands.

Would you like to ship you vehicle by enclosed transport?

If you would like to ship your vehicle by enclosed transport, it is usually because you want the extra care and attention to detail. We have many enclosed transport companies available to help care for your vehicle. Wether your vehicle is an exotic sports car, vintage car, or just a sentimental classic, we are sure to have the right enclosed transport company for you. Take a look at our enclosed transport companies in our Auto Transport Directory.

Need to ship to Hawaii? We can help.

Anytime you are needing to ship your vehicle across the ocean you need a company who knows what they are doing. When it comes to oceanic shipping, even the smallest mistake can lead to a big problem. This is why we have combined safety and security in our network of Hawaii Auto Transport companies for port-to-port or door-to-door service. These companies use full enclosure to help ensure that your vehicle is protected from the wind and salt of the sea. Our Hawaii Auto Transport companies have convenient step by step booking procedures to walk you through transporting your vehicle. We know that our Hawaii Auto Transport Companies will show you that they understand the value of customer service.

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